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Redesign and Optimize Error Code Troubleshooting Flow
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Aug. 2022 and July 2023

UX Process

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DIRECTV Support & Customer Service website provides all the troubleshooting flows in self care and agent care services. The goal of this project is to redesign and optimize the troubleshooting flow for Local Channel Setup, Remote Control help, and Error Code 61X and 62X.

Problems to solve:

My Design Process

Empathize and Define: Research and state customer needs

Data from call in support shows customers called for error code 61X and 62X more and more since the product update. The previous troubleshooting flow is too complex. Most customers don't have patience to go through all the steps in the flow which cause them to call support. This increases workload of support agents and results in some customer loss and increased negative complaints.

1. Customer needs a easy to understand troubleshooting content for the error code 61X and 62X.
2. Customer needs a clear diagram or animation to guide the user to setup local channels or remote control.

Ideate: Use diagram and interactive SVG animations

61X Before

Prototype:  61X After

Workflow deployed on DIRECTV support website.

Type "Error code 614" in search bar, search Error Code 614 workflow.

62X Before

Prototype:  62X After


Workflow deployed on DIRECTV support website - Get help with DIRECTV connection errors.


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